OUR PROGRAMS FOR BuildING creative skills that accelerate innovation


design thinking training

Innovation Eye-Opener

  • Participants solve a challenge through guided application of specific innovation tools
  • Directed activities provide opportunities to solve problems differently
  • Participants experience collaborative creativity as practiced in the world's most innovative companies


design thinking training

Managing Innovation

  • An active-learning workshop focused on a concrete challenge: Design your innovation management tool
  • Learn how to manage collaborative creativity as currently practiced in leading innovation companies
  • Learn your needs as a leader, how to support your creative teams, and how to nurture innovation throughout your organization


Hands-on Innovation

  • Focused active learning
  • Experience innovation through design thinking
  • Hands-on collaborative creativity
  • Take detailed steps through all phases of the process
  • Tackle a specific challenge and prototype solutions


Applied Innovation

  • Six days of focused innovation work, spread over a period of 8-12 weeks
  • The focus is on solving a real challenge you currently face
  • Learn skills and tools through ongoing practice and coaching
  • Grasp the value of innovation through design thinking and adopt new methods of innovation


From Outside Your Box

  • You give us your questions, we give you our answers
  • Leverage our experience for your goals
  • Include our design thinking perspective in your process



We teach design thinking as a method to help organizations cultivate a human-centered culture that encourages original ideas, tackles complex problems, and uncovers extraordinary new solutions. Our process has its roots in our work as pioneers of the original design process at IDEO, and embraces an attitude we live by: Innovation Made Personal.

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