Project Prototype

Prototype & test your ideas in three weeks!


Whether you’re developing a new service, product, customer experience, or program, the only way to move forward is by prototyping—early, quickly, and often.

Who is this for? 

  • Project leads and team members who are eager to propel their idea forward by getting feedback that can help direct, correct, and inspire

  • Leaders and executives who want to motivate their teams and develop an organizational culture of innovation built on creativity, collaboration, and empathy

Three weeks, three applied design thinking sessions with Dr. Leon Segal:

  • Define the key values of your idea and the people you are designing for

  • Chunk down and identify key elements that can be prototyped and tested, quickly and cheaply

  • Design and execute your test plan: where, how, who, and what will you measure?

  • Learn from your prototype: what worked, what didn’t, what’s next?

What will you get?

  • Tangible and useful results within three weeks

  • Expert facilitation and mentoring focused on your specific challenge and idea

  • A safe environment for exploring your idea and testing a rapid prototype

  • A framework for learning from this test and planning your next steps


“Now I see that there’s a process, and if we simply follow it step by step, we can come up with a solution that is unique and innovative.”

m. staeuble, DIGITAL LEAD,cognizant

zurich, Switzerland

“Today is a prototype for tomorrow”

Leon Segal PhD, Innovationship