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    business innoation news

    The Case for Brainstorming

    business innovation news

    By Larry Keller, Oct 6, 2014

    Leon Segal, PhD and other experts give advice on why and how to brainstorm. "Decried by critics as producing only a sprinkle of ideas, rather than a deluge, brainstorming’s proponents say there’s no substitute if it’s done creatively," writes Keller.

    Read article (opens page at Success Magazine website)

    business innovation news

    Bright Ideas: Innovation Week Showcases Entreprenural Creativity

    business innovation news

    KCRB news director Bruce Robinson included Innovationship's Leon Segal, PhD in this piece about the North Bay Innovation Summit event.

    Radio interview, Sept 17, 2014 by Bruce Robinson

    Listen to interview (opens file at KCRB Radio site)

    business innovation news

    Innovation Week, Summit Features Entrepreneurs

    business innovation news

    By James Dunn, Sept 16, 2014

    Mentions Leon Segal's role as the innovation conference keynote speaker (opens Leon's bio).

    Read article (opens page NBBJ site)

    business innovation news

    Leon Segal to Give Keynote Address at North Bay Innovation Summit

    Press release, Sept 9, 2014

    Read press release (opens page at this site)

    business innovation news

    Design Thinking In Healthcare: One Step at a Time

    business innovation news

    By Henry Doss, May 21, 2014 features Innovationship client's healthcare innovations. Quotes Leon Segal, PhD, on Innovationship's approach. Discusses the application of design thinking to healthcare innovation challenges such as how to cost-effectively improve the patient experience, workflow, and operations.

    Read article (opens page at

    business innovation news

    Innovationship Booklet Building Agents of Innovation Tells How to Harness Design Thinking Method to Create a Culture of Creativity

    Press release, May 6, 2014

    Read press release (opens page at this site)

    business innovation news

    The 4 People You Need on Your Innovation Team

    business innovation news

    By Amina Elahi, March 19, 2014

    Features advice from Innovationship's Leon Segal, PhD. on building an innovation team.

    Read Tribune article (opens page at Tribune website)

    business innovation news

    Innovationship LLC Offers Innovation Leadership Training Services and Guide to Executive Education Programs and Leadership Development Firms

    Press release, January 22, 2014

    Read press release (opens page at this site)


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