Round Table

•Join a small and select online team — your five-person Innovation Round Table

•Solve your own challenge in a safe and creative setting

•Learn by supporting others with their challenges

•Get expert guidance and personal coaching from Innovationship

•Improve your skills and apply the design thinking mindset to projects and personal life



  • Project leads, entrepreneurs, and consultants searching for like-minded professionals who share a passion for a human-centered approach to innovation

  • Individual professionals who want to find new ways to integrate innovation through design thinking into daily work and personal life

  • Leaders and executives eager to develop an organizational culture of innovation built on the solid foundation of creativity, collaboration, and empathy


  • Exclusive participation in a five-person team, ongoing collaboration, lots of personal attention, and a focus on getting things done

  • Weekly online video team meetings

  • Expert facilitation and mentoring focused on your specific challenge

  • Guest facilitation by world-class domain experts

  • A safe environment for exploring your project, being challenged and supported, honing your innovation skills and expanding your creative mindset


“Great things in business are never done by one person — they are done by a team of people.”

Steve Job

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The BIG PICTURE: getting it done in seven weeks

  • Seven weeks of teamwork from on-boarding to conclusion

  • Online video meetings for easy access and support

  • Get the team’s focus on your project when you’re in the hot seat

  • Learn through helping others solve their challenges

  • Grow your skills and expand your creative mindset

  • Let the team keep you accountable and help you deliver on time


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