Innovation Management

Lead teams of innovators & inspire collaboration

design thinking workshops
A one-day workshop to take charge of the process



  • An active-learning workshop focused on a concrete challenge:
           Design your personal innovation management tool
  • Learn your needs as a leader
  • Discover ways to support teams, and see how to nurture innovation in your organization
  • Experience collaborative creativity as it is currently practiced in leading innovative companies



  • Increase your ability to manage innovation and inspire change
  • Discover a new way of thinking about challenges, and a new process of actions to solve them
  • Identify your own needs as a manager of innovative teams and projects
  • Understand the power inherent in practicing human-centered design and collaborative creativity
  • Discover ways to inspire your teams and guide and support your current and potential innovators
  • Identify specific areas in your organization that can benefit from innovation through design thinking
  • Realize how you personally can benefit from this new way of thinking




  • Design work to address your needs, plan the day, and prepare the participants
  • Begin with a warmup design challenge
  • Define the day’s challenge: “Design your personal innovation management tool”
  • Participants engage in a hands-on experience of applying the process
  • Teams alternate between short instructions and hands-on exercises
  • Throughout the day, we provide examples and analysis of projects from around the world
  • Presentation of guidelines for managing innovation: tools, skills, process, space, individuals, and teams
  • Reflection on learnings, and integration into ongoing professional and personal innovation practices



We teach design thinking as a method to help organizations cultivate a human-centered culture that encourages original ideas, tackles complex problems, and uncovers extraordinary new solutions. Our process has its roots in our work as pioneers of the original design process at IDEO, and embraces an attitude we live by: Innovation Made Personal.

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