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Mastermind Accelerator Program

Because innovation is a team sport!

Imagine this:

  • join a small and select online team — a six-person Mastermind team

  • SOLVE your challenge and support others with their challenges

  • improvE your skills and knowledge of design thinking

  • directed, coached and facilitated by an Innovationship expert who provides you with personal support and guides the team towards optimal performance


A Mastermind is an expertly curated and facilitated working team that combines brainstorming, problem-solving, education, peer accountability, and support in a safe and focused small-team setting — six members with expert facilitation. Masterminds are a valuable tool for empowering leaders and providing like-minded professionals with an inspiring setting for continuous learning, growth, and focused problem-solving.


  • Project leads, entrepreneurs and consultants searching for a team of likeminded professionals who share the Design Thinking mindset

  • Individuals who want to find new ways to integrate human-centered innovation into daily work and personal life

  • Leaders and executives eager to develop an organizational culture of innovation built on the solid foundation of creativity, collaboration, and empathy


  • Small group setting of six participants and lots of personal attention

  • Regular online video meetings over three months

  • Expert facilitation and mentoring for application of innovation through design thinking to your specific challenge

  • Guest facilitation by world-class domain experts

  • A safe environment for exploring your challenge, honing your skills, finding inspiration, building a network, and getting results

No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind — the master mind.”


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Innovationship Mastermind Accelerator Program

The Innovationship Mastermind Accelerator Program (MAP) is a unique four-month program that supports you in solving problems, creating change, and applying the mindset and skills of Design Thinking.

The Innovationship MAP is an online Mastermind program, for individuals and organizations who have experienced Design Thinking and want to find new ways to integrate and apply learnings into daily working life and company culture. Masterminds are a valuable tool for empowering leaders and providing like-minded professionals with an inspiring setting for continuous learning and growth.

Innovationship MAPs are facilitated by a team of Design Thinking veterans and innovation experts, led by Dr. Leon Segal, an innovation psychologist with decades of experience coaching teams, solving problems, and leading innovation projects around the world. A partial list of the projects the team has worked on reveals a great range of organizations, industries, and subject matter: 3M, BMW, Deloitte, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic, PepsiCo, UCLA, Verizon, and many others.

Program Outline

Four months from on-boarding to conclusion
• Two one-on-one coaching sessions
• Eight facilitated team sessions
• You (and the team) work to solve your challenge
• Online video conferencing for participation, support, and access anywhere

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Individual On-boarding Session: One-On-One
Before we begin the Mastermind, Dr. Segal will connect with each member to clarify their goals for the Mastermind and identify areas in which they would like to solve a challenge and experience personal and professional growth. [30 minutes]

Session 1: MAP Launch, Design Thinking Overview, and Aligning Expectations
This is a refresher of the principles of Design Thinking and an exploration of how the Design Thinking techniques and processes can be used as a framework for the the Mastermind team process. We will start building the team, and each member will get a chance to present his or her goals and aspirations for the Mastermind. [60 minutes]

Sessions 2—7: Focus on individual challenges and solutions
Mastermind members will share knowledge, resources, and tools. They will learn and use Design Thinking to create goals and action plans. Each member will have a session to occupy “the hot seat,” in which they will have the full attention and focus of their team as they help each other solve their most pressing business and innovation challenges, as well as their personal challenges in their role and position. [60 minutes each]

Sessions 8: Team Reflections and Next Steps
This final team session will focus on what’s been achieved, what was learned,  and designing future steps for each member. Through guided reflection, members will share key insights, meaningful moments, and practical takeaways. Team members will decide how they want to continue interacting and supporting each other, and each member will list the specific next steps he or she will take to enhance future work. [60 minutes]

Individual Reflection Session: One-On-One
At the completion of the Mastermind, Dr. Segal will connect with each member to reflect on the Mastermind process, highlight specific areas of growth, identify potential challenges, and construct a picture of the personal and professional path forward. [30 minutes]

Ongoing Facilitated Team Discussion

Throughout the four-month Mastermind Accelerator Program we will continue to facilitate team interactions and collaborations using an online communication (Slack, eMail, or similar). This will provide a place for members to connect with their Mastermind team between calls for ongoing the flow of ideas, inspiration, support and accountability.  This allows for regular check-ins, the ability to get feedback, share resources, solve problems, and celebrate personal and team wins.

Design Thinking Tools and Resources
We are continually innovating new tools and processes, and will customize and build new support structures as needs are identified within the Mastermind team.

How Can You Join the MAP Team?

To join an Innovationship MAP, you need to commit to participate in full and be present in all team sessions. We do provide access to recordings of all sessions, so If a team member has to miss one of the live sessions, there’s a way to minimize the impact of such an event. We do, however, strongly suggest that you make arrangements to attend all sessions, for the benefit of the entire team.

Contact us to receive application forms and start your journey. Once you experience the exhilaration of being part of a Mastermind, you’ll wonder why you’ve worked so hard to do things all on your own.

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About Mastermind Teams

A Mastermind is an expertly curated and facilitated working team that combines brainstorming, problem-solving, education, expert input, peer accountability, and support in a safe and focused small-team setting — no more than six members.

Team interaction is facilitated and guided over a defined period of time, ranging from three to six months.

The team meets every two weeks in a live webinar, using Zoom (or similar platform) for video and audio communication. Between sessions, members continue to interact and communicate to guarantee they continue to move forward with their personal project between the bi-weekly Zoom sessions. Upon completion of a cycle, members may choose to continue with the same team, join a different team, or move on to find other sources for inspiration and support.

Members are invited to join a specific team based on a variety of variables, such as their professional role and rank, area of interest, specific workplace challenge, or geographical location. At the start of the program, Mastermind members identify their top priority and create a plan to achieve it. The team then becomes fully invested in the mutual success of all members; each member brings to the meeting a wealth of experience and wisdom, actively contributing to the success of all. Masterminds save time and money, and allow members to build a high-performance network and enter into a state of communal flow and ideation that was originally coined by Napoleon Hill as "the mastermind."

“great things in business are never done by one person — they are done by a team of people.”

steve jobs

A Safe Setting to Explore and Design Your Future

Innovationship’s MAP teams provide a safe setting — held and directed with expert guidance — for you to be supported, share ideas and solutions, learn while you support others, and create concrete plans for solving the key challenges you bring into the program.

Some of the ways an Innovationship MAP can support your goals:

  • Build skills and extend the knowledge gained through your experience of Design Thinking

  • Continue developing ideas and concepts you’ve been developing in your professional practice

  • Apply the human-centered mindset to activities and tasks you perform on a daily basis

  • Grow and support your peers, clients, and colleagues

  • Create new communication channels and share your vision with a global network of like-minded professionals

  • Learn from world-class experts that will guest-lead some of the Mastermind sessions, focusing on specific topics such as: strategy, research, prototyping, storytelling, or healthcare

  • Design and implement plans for growth, including such issues as: increasing sales, developing new products, gaining market share  — or any topic you would like to Mastermind around to support your visions and mission

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