HOW empathetic research and design FUELS INNOVATION



Creativity, Collaboration, and Empathy: these three ingredients produced the secret sauce that made the likes of Apple, IDEO, Google, and others into global innovation powerhouses. But how? 

In this 38-minute talk at INBOUND 2016, Innovationship’s Dr. Leon Segal introduces the fundamentals of design thinking, the process that revolutionized innovation in Silicon Valley. Centering on five key ways to inspire innovation through empathetic research and design and using examples from various projects and organizations, this talk focuses on the revolution that shaped how innovation is happening today in world-leading organizations.


Download The Checklist

If you enjoyed this, consider downloading our Design Thinking Questions Checklist. In it, we’ve identified the important initial questions that collaborators can ask at each stage of the design thinking process for better innovation strategy.

Design Thinking Questions_Thumbnail.png

Even if your team isn’t employing design thinking just yet, this checklist can help both inform and elevate your current creative process. Download the Checklist, play with it, and add your own questions — find ways to keep your mind open to new possibilities. 




We teach design thinking as a method to help organizations cultivate a human-centered culture that encourages original ideas, tackles complex problems, and uncovers extraordinary new solutions. Our process has its roots in our work as pioneers of the original design process at IDEO, and embraces an attitude we live by: Innovation Made Personal.

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