Collaboration + Creativity + Empathy = Innovation

Posted by Scott Underwood on 2/14/17 4:08 PM

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To solve big problems, you need many perspectives colliding together, creating surprising combinations and leading to great ideas. This is collaborative creativity, when people apply their skills together to solve an old problem challenge in a new way.innovationship collaboration jazz band-1.png

Whether it’s the musical conversation between jazz musicians playing through an arrangement, the graceful interplay of a basketball team on a scoring drive, or a business team brainstorming next year’s strategy, developing collaborative creativity is essential to solving challenges of all types. 

Find out more about how collaborative creativity is essential to the innovation process in our new ebook: The 3 Keys To Innovating Every Day.  

Jazz bands and basketball teams understand a piece of business wisdom: “All of us are smarter than any one of us.” To which we add: more innovative, too!

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