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    innovation keynote speaker
    innovation keynote speaker
    innovation keynote speaker
    innovation keynote speaker

    Leon Segal, Ph.D.

    Founder, Innovationship LLC

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    innovation keynote speaker

    Dr. Segal founded Innovationship in 2012, with other IDEO alumni.

    Since 2013, Leon has been working at Interface Analysis Associates, and supports Innovationship from his position as Director of Innovation in that consultancy. Interface Analysis Associates is a leading human factors, ergonomics, and usability consultancy, based in Saratoga, California.

    Leon has over 25 years of experience in human factors, product innovation, and experience design, including leading an IDEO office and work at NASA. His work on empathy and design — and his insight that “innovation begins with an eye” — are cited in several bestselling books.

    Leon's comments

    Our goal in forming Innovationship was to help organizations prosper by building a sustained culture of innovation. I am very proud of the work Innovationship has been doing, and am rewarded every time I hear of more people who use design thinking as an integral tool in their creative arsenal.

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