Innovation Eye-Opener

Learn About Innovation Through Design Thinking

design thinking workshops
An immersive one-day workshop to get everyone started together



  • Participants solve a challenge through guided application of specific design thinking tools
  • Directed activities provide opportunities to solve problems in a unique and effective way
  • Participants experience collaborative creativity as practiced in the world’s most innovative companies


  • Experience human-centered design
  • Understand how it can help your organization become more creative and productive
  • Awaken your untapped creativity
  • Learn to see challenges from a fresh perspective
  • Identify specific areas in your organization that can benefit from innovation through design thinking



  • We work with you to understand your needs, plan the day, and prepare the participants
  • The day starts with a warmup design challenge
  • We present an overview of design thinking: project stories and an outline of the framework and phases
  • The day’s design challenge is identified, and teams get their goals
  • Teams alternate between short instructions and hands-on exercises to try out the fundamental skills and tools of design thinking
  • Teams deliver and present their projects
  • Throughout the day, we pause for reflection on meaningful learnings and potential applications
  • The day ends with a discussion on specific elements you can integrate into your ongoing practice of creativity and innovation


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Design Thinking Questions

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