The team got a lot out of it. I’ve seen some team members use your approach already.

-Jennifer Atkins, Senior VP, Wells Fargo

Applied Innovation

integrate design thinking into your next project

design thinking workshops
6 workshop days over 8-12 weeks



  • Six days of active, in-person, innovation work, spread over 8-12 weeks
  • Ongoing coaching and guidance of individuals and teams
  • Focus on finding solutions to a real challenge you currently face
  • Learn skills and tools through applied practice and coaching
  • Experience and practice the value of design thinking, and adopt new methods of innovation




  • Boost a project and ignite a team’s creative fire
  • Pivot the project: from challenge to opportunity
  • Deliver tangible and workable prototypes
  • Immerse your team in an intense learning experience
  • Learn and apply new skills and tools that can enhance your ongoing practice of innovation
  • Identify those who can become Innovation Agents to motivate others and build a robust innovation culture




  • We work with you to learn about your challenges, identify appropriate goals and criteria
  • We collaborate to plan the process, and prepare leadership and participants
  • You learn a human-centered process, and create the conditions for creative breakthrough and learning
  • Participants learn face-to-face collaboration and ongoing mentoring via phone or web tools
  • We facilitate personalized work with teams and individuals to optimize the learning experience
  • Learn, practice, and apply fundamental skills and tools such as:
    • Learning from end-users to innovate by empathy
    • Brainstorming for collaborative ideation
    • Thinking and collaborating through prototypes
    • Testing new concepts and developing scenarios of use
    • Delivering prototypes that point in new directions
    • Building professional and personal creative capacity
  • We help pinpoint specific organization areas that can benefit from a design thinking approach
  • The group delivers tangible prototypes of innovative solutions


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