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    Innovationship Booklet "Building Agents of Innovation" Tells How to Harness Design Thinking Method to Create a Culture of Creativity

    The 9 skills one must have to be an Innovation Agent; 4 forces that shape the innovation process; 6 ways CEOs can foster a culture of innovation; and 3 examples from client engagements

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    Caption: Building Agents of Innovation is the work of Silicon Valley veterans with 20+ years' experience as senior players at IDEO. It is free at Readers learn about the nine skills one must have to be an Innovation Agent; the four forces within organizations that shape the innovation process; six ways CxOs can foster a culture of innovation; and three client examples. Visit to learn more. (PRNewsFoto/Innovationship LLC)

    SILICON VALLEY, Calif., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Innovationship LLC has released a new booklet: "Building Agents of Innovation". The 19-page booklet describes how to create a culture of creativity that generates great ideas on an ongoing basis.

    "Change in an organization only happens when its individuals fundamentally change," write authors Leon Segal, PhD., Scott Underwood, and Anna Gatmon, PhD. "By gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools to think and act in a new way, these individuals — which we call Innovation Agents — create a disturbance in the force that ripples through the organization."

    The result is an organization that's more creative and better able to generate innovative solutions to real-world business challenges.


    "Innovation doesn't happen by putting a bunch of people in a room full of beanbag chairs and telling them to brainstorm," the authors warn. "And it won't happen by having people attend one workshop. They may come back on fire for change, but they won't have the means to put what they experienced into practice."

    It takes rigorous practice and expert mentoring to master the skills of innovation. Being innovative is a process, an approach, and becomes a way of thinking.

    The booklet describes the nine skills that Innovation Agents must have, starting with how to ask the right questions.


    The authors also address the role of the CEO and other executives involved in innovation. There are specific ways in which they must understand and support the innovation process and encourage creative expression.

    Physical spaces matter too. The booklet describes how an organization can create an environment that encourages action, and that providing people with better tools increases the chance of producing new behaviors.


    The booklet culminates in examples of real organizations — a healthcare network, a global technology firm, and a midsize services company — applying the innovation trainingprinciples described.

    At the healthcare network, for example, the leaders had attended one of Innovationship's all-day workshops and came away extremely enthusiastic about the design thinking process. But when they tried to replicate some of the activities in their own organization, such as a brainstorming session, things didn't go as planned.

    "That's because our workshops can introduce the framework of design thinking, and the skills needed to increase innovative thinking," the authors say. "However, it requires building and applying these skills in ongoing practice, plus mentoring and coaching from experienced teachers like ourselves, to help innovation champions affect change within their organization."


    Building Agents of Innovation is available as a free 19-page PDF at In the future it will be for sale at

    The website also offers a flyer with information on Innovationship's services, clients, leadership, and more at


    After decades of experience helping organizations prosper at IDEO and in our own practices, we reunited to form Innovationship. We teach design thinkingas a method to increase innovation capacity. Use Innovationship's methods to infuse innovation culture in all functions, systems, and business units. Our training, consulting, and events empower individuals to generate better ideas and make them real. Get in touch: or +1-650-283-4365.

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