Peter Drucker Inspires Lunch

Posted by Scott Underwood on 3/17/17 8:00 AM

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” We love that quote. It comes from the management consultant Peter Drucker and he meant that you can make all the plans you want, but it’s your corporate culture that will ultimately drives success.

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Topics: Test & Prototype, Ideation & Brainstorming

Steve Jobs: The Value of Early Prototyping

Posted by Leon Segal on 5/18/15 10:10 AM

Prototypes are the currency of innovation. Ideas, in and of themselves, are great for greasing the wheels of innovation and keeping the creative fire burning. But for an idea to be useful, it must be contextualized, it must be presented in what we consider to be a prototype.


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Handout on Design Thinking Questions

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/16/14 1:45 PM

Sharing the fundamentals of design thinking means giving people a methodical way to approach creative collaboration. It's a true pleasure to see workshop participants "get" the approach and embrace it in their work processes. To that end, here is a handout on design thinking questions that we give to workshop participants.

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Stanford Design Thinking: How Innovation Leaders View Failures

Posted by Scott Underwood on 5/14/13 3:54 AM

Scientists have another name for failure: data.

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