Three Tips to Better Innovation

Posted by Leon Segal on 12/6/16 2:13 PM

I really enjoyed being a guest speaker at the Hubspot INBOUND 2016 conference this month in Boston. I was delighted that my session, Today is a Prototype for Tomorrow, was attended by over 400 people.  

One insight from the conference that I want to share is how technology has transformed the conference-going experience. From QR codes, through near-field sensors, to smart badges and real-time updates, the seamless emergence of an "event-based community" of thousands is amazing to observe. 

Check out my short 4 minute video from the conference that talks about the reason why some companies are consistently creative and innovative... and others are not.


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Compounding Pharmacy Makes Innovation Agents

Posted by Scott Underwood on 12/4/14 1:04 PM

A large compounding pharmacy hired Innovationship for design thinking training and consulting. Over four months, participants generated concrete ideas for near-term product improvements, and emerged with the skills they need to drive ongoing innovation.

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Isaac Asimov's Brainstorming Advice to Nuclear Scientists in 1959

Posted by Leon Segal on 11/5/14 6:00 AM

Way back in 1959, Isaac Asimov gave a small group of ballistic missile defense system scientists piercing insights regarding the creative process — even describing brainstorming sessions in high detail. Fifty-five years later, one of those scientists, Arthur Obermayer, PhD, has shared Asimov's insights with the public.

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Treat: Design Thinking Workshop at Stanford for Ashoka's Catapult

Posted by Scott Underwood on 10/31/14 6:00 AM

We’re looking forward to leading a design thinking workshop this Friday for Ashoka’s Catapult, a business incubator that aims to source the world’s best young entrepreneurs.

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Creative Collaboration Thrives at TechWomen 2014 (#TW2014)

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/21/14 7:30 AM

Creative collaboration was everywhere we looked at #TW2014, where Scott, Anna and I led a design thinking workshop. Here are my takeaways from co-presenting at this remarkable gathering.

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Handout on Design Thinking Questions

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/16/14 1:45 PM

Sharing the fundamentals of design thinking means giving people a methodical way to approach creative collaboration. It's a true pleasure to see workshop participants "get" the approach and embrace it in their work processes. To that end, here is a handout on design thinking questions that we give to workshop participants.

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An Innovation Agent's 9 Essential Skills

Posted by Scott Underwood on 9/25/14 9:00 AM

The capacity to innovate comprises a set of skills that are learned, and earned, through rigorous practice and expert mentoring. Skilled individuals — we call them Innovation Agents — use their new knowledge to instigate a revolution. Below is an excerpt from our booklet Building Agents of Innovation, that discusses their essential skills.

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Innovation Mentoring Offer to Debut at North Bay Innovation Summit

Posted by Leon Segal on 9/18/14 4:27 PM

At the North Bay Innovation Summit this week, one prize for competition winners is use of our Innovation Mentoring service. Other companies can use it to drive business innovation, too.

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