Peter Drucker Inspires Lunch

Posted by Scott Underwood on 3/17/17 8:00 AM

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” We love that quote. It comes from the management consultant Peter Drucker and he meant that you can make all the plans you want, but it’s your corporate culture that will ultimately drives success.

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Isaac Asimov's Brainstorming Advice to Nuclear Scientists in 1959

Posted by Leon Segal on 11/5/14 6:00 AM

Way back in 1959, Isaac Asimov gave a small group of ballistic missile defense system scientists piercing insights regarding the creative process — even describing brainstorming sessions in high detail. Fifty-five years later, one of those scientists, Arthur Obermayer, PhD, has shared Asimov's insights with the public.

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Handout on Design Thinking Questions

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/16/14 1:45 PM

Sharing the fundamentals of design thinking means giving people a methodical way to approach creative collaboration. It's a true pleasure to see workshop participants "get" the approach and embrace it in their work processes. To that end, here is a handout on design thinking questions that we give to workshop participants.

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Engaging Employees With Guided Brainstorming Sessions (Plus: New Booklet)

Posted by Leon Segal on 5/9/14 11:47 AM

What if companies used guided brainstorming to increase employee engagement? Thoughts on the benefits and links to new resources.

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'Brainswarming' Creator Misses Brainstorming's Point

Posted by Robert Celaschi on 4/8/14 9:00 AM

Alternative to brainstorming has merit but isn't a substitute, say Innovationship's Leon Segal and Scott Underwood. 

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Does Empathy Help Innovation Leaders Think More Freely?

Posted by Leon Segal on 5/26/13 3:54 AM

In a recent session with a client, participants noted how our insistent focus on the customer’s experience helped them think more freely and come up with innovative ideas. 

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"How Might We...?" vs. "Why Should We...?" in Design Thinking Process

Posted by Leon Segal on 4/15/13 3:54 AM

“How might we…?” Harvard Business Review referred to this as “the secret phrase top innovators use”, in an article in which Tim Brown very precisely broke down the question and explained the value of using these three words at the start of every project. Learning to ask ‘how’ is indeed a powerful tool. Asking ‘why’ is just as important.

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