Leveraging Design Thinking in Hospitals: The Sound of Healing

Posted by Scott Underwood on 10/18/16 4:56 PM

Hospitals are intended to be places of healing, recovery, and rest. But walk into any busy hospital ward, and listen: the experience is usually anything but calming.

The typical cacophony of noise in a hospital includes televisions, phones, intercoms, and constant beeps, chirps, hums, and alarms from medical devices. All of which creates stress and increases the torment for people in pain.

And for hospital staff,  a phenomenon known as “alarm fatigue” can set in: the incessant, routine noise of hospital machinery leads to delayed responses to audio warnings for actual emergencies, which can have a negative impact on patients’ health and safety. Remember the boy who cried wolf?

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Ubiquitous Innovation: What are your thoughts?

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/12/15 5:00 PM


How can we make observation, ideation, and prototyping an integral part of daily life?

Post your comments and questions, and we'll be happy to respond and add our perspective.


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Compounding Pharmacy Makes Innovation Agents

Posted by Scott Underwood on 12/4/14 1:04 PM

A large compounding pharmacy hired Innovationship for design thinking training and consulting. Over four months, participants generated concrete ideas for near-term product improvements, and emerged with the skills they need to drive ongoing innovation.

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Handout on Design Thinking Questions

Posted by Leon Segal on 10/16/14 1:45 PM

Sharing the fundamentals of design thinking means giving people a methodical way to approach creative collaboration. It's a true pleasure to see workshop participants "get" the approach and embrace it in their work processes. To that end, here is a handout on design thinking questions that we give to workshop participants.

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Jim Yurchenco and Isaac Newton

Posted by Leon Segal on 9/10/14 10:44 AM

Attending Jim Yurchenco's retirement party a couple of weeks ago reminded me of a time I watched him work with a brilliant inventor. Here I'll try to relate the story.

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Forbes.com's 'Design Thinking in Healthcare' Features Innovationship Client's Healthcare Innovations

Posted by Robert Celaschi on 5/28/14 11:53 AM

With help from Innovationship, a community health system learned how design thinking could improve healthcare for a high-need population. A new post at Forbes.com gives the details.


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