Engaging Employees With Guided Brainstorming Sessions (Plus: New Booklet)

Posted by Leon Segal on 5/9/14 11:47 AM

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What if companies used guided brainstorming to increase employee engagement? Thoughts on the benefits and links to new resources.


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What if employees were invited to engage in guided brainstorming sessions? The results may surprise you.

Learn more in our new PDF booklet released this week: Buiding Agents of Innovation.

Many companies are busy assessing employee engagement, in a move that seems to have replaced what was previously called "employee satisfaction". What's interesting is the method of measurement. What's maybe more interesting is what organizations do with the results.

State-of-the-unions aren't exactly engaging

The typical corporation will collect the data, analyze it, and then set up meetings in which employees see the results. Maybe employees are asked to reflect and think of ways to increase engagement. But without a structured process of ideation in place, these "state of the union" meetings tend to be just that: a statement of things as they are.

What if?

Brainstorming, on the other hand, emphasizes verbal interaction, careful listening, presenting ideas concisely and building on them in the moment.

So what if employees were invited to engage in guided brainstorming sessions aimed at increasing their engagement? The sessions would be engaging and inspiring, and the results may be surprising. Employees get fired up about being listened to, and building on each other's ideas. They would take this level of engagement back to their work station, and bring it with them to other group meetings.

This is one thing we've learned in decades of innovation work: once you've opened people's eyes up to new possibilities, there is no going back.

The best way to engage employees

The best way to engage your employees? Brainstorm with them! (For best results, use a skilled facilitator.)


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