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We teach design thinking, and apply this unique method of collaborative creativity to solve exciting challenges faced by organizations, teams, and individuals.
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FUJITSU   Over six months we worked with Sunnyvale-based Fujitsu Labs of America to introduce design thinking methods to their R&D process, including field observation, brainstorming, and storyboarding. Their team gained innovation leadership skills and emerged with two possible initiatives.

UCLA ANDERSON   We helped integrate design thinking into the Clinic Leadership Institute (CLI), a program produced by Blue Shield Foundation California. We led workshops, observations, and mentoring conferences for a group of five community health clinics across California, one of which, Venice Family Clinic, remains a valued client.

UTEC   This technology and innovation-focused university in Lima, Peru sponsored a three-day, open-invitation workshop for local professionals and students. It was so successful, we're planning to put on a series and add some higher-level classes.

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